The Pouncer on facebook - Futurism

Our video has been shared plenty of times on Facebook since we launched - garnering well over a million views and substantial comments likes and reactions. This is fantastic as we work towards getting the Pouncer funded and built for use as soon as possible.

The Pouncer is a humanitarian drone. A one-way drone. One that's about saving lives and making the inaccessible reachable with aid and supplies. It's cheap to put together and 'load'. In these simple terms it is something new and completely different from anything else out there at present.

When put in front of the masses on facebook it is quite quickly (and rightly) pointed out as 'it could be used in Aleppo' and then all the comments flood through. We agree with most of them that war is terrible and it's unjust and something we wish we didn't have to provide provisions for. But wars do happen, and there are people that can't be reached with traditional aid methods. On top of that, as we have seen recently with the aid convoy for Aleppo, they get attacked.

In this video posted by the fantastic Futurism we got a lot of comments some of which we'd like to answer:

Stop sending the destroyer drones, then there's no need for the disaster drones: Agreed! Sadly we can't stop wars so let's do what we can to help the people that also didn't choose the war to happen in their home.

They would get shot down: Hard to shoot down 5,000 small drones that you can't see on radar and if they are shot down, they are not manned or a great financial loss, send more. 

Get the wrong drone and you're in trouble: Yeah, but the drone is a glider and it'll look pretty much like a green food package. The more it's used, the more it'll be recognisable, the more we can make it useable.

They would get intercepted: Some might be, but again, if there's a 7M GPS landing point they are pretty good at landing somewhere we want them to. 5,000 of them landing in areas that are strategically chosen will give a good chance of getting into the right hands.  

Does the cost stack up when they could be air dropped or aid convoyed in: Convoys and air drops by parachute are more expensive and put lives in danger. Air drops at present with parachutes can't be done in live fire areas such as Aleppo. The Pouncer could be launched from 30 miles away on the Turkish border and they would get through. Convoys are the most difficult as they often get raided and hijacked. The Pouncer is cheap to put together and build and will only get cheaper as it grows in production and use. 

There are lots of good arguments around the Pouncer and we welcome them all. Keep spreading the word!


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