DFID Meets Pouncer™ - The ‘Food Drone’

We have had a busy start to December!    

Priti Patel, Secretary of State for International Development, at the request of Marcus Fysh MP for Yeovil, had the game changing one-third size food aid drone model fully assembled and explained in her London offices on the 1st December 2016.

Our team worked with Marcus Fysh MP to brief the Secretary of State on the revolutionary new technology installed in Pouncerâ„¢ that will deliver food, water and medical aid into hostile, difficult access areas and natural disasters.

The present PouncerTM design is nine ft. wide, self-navigating and capable of a 50 Kg payload. Next year will see launches from C130 Hercules cargo aircraft, carrying 30 ram packed Pouncer’s gliding a minimum of 35Kms from 10,000ft and landing to an accuracy of 7 meters.

After the meeting, Marcus Fysh MP said "The world needs this type of technology to bring assistance to those in crisis situations and extreme need. Windhorse Aerospace are eager to come to Yeovil to manufacture to maximise utilisation of the high quality skills of the area's experienced engineers who can also build the launch platforms. It would be a perfect fit and Yeovil would be proud to support those in need in such a direct and practical way for years to come." 

"It was clear to me that the Secretary of State is a lady of vision, energy and determination, especially in championing British practical solutions in time of crisis.” Said Nigel Gifford OBE, Chairman of Windhorse Aerospace.

He added, "Ms Patel offered support in getting production into reality and is making further referrals into her department as well as others. It’s wonderful to note that the Government is benefiting from her entrepreneurial background.”

PouncerTM already has tremendous public support as the video went viral on social media with over 2 million views and counting. The team is already working with aid and humanitarian agencies that want flight testing, certification and acceptance completed as a matter of urgency.

Marcus Fysh MP said on the 1st December "I was delighted to hear this morning that last night in Washington British and American diplomats discussed food drones as rapid response for delivering food and medicines into Syria. This is the solution that governments aid agencies the world over need now, as conventional logistic delivery needs supplementary support. It is great to see this British technology at the forefront of consideration at the highest level.”

Left to right: Nigel Gifford OBE, Phillip Harrall, Marcus Fysh MP, Jason Dobson


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