Windhorse Aerospace - The Pouncer Drone

In 2014 an agile and disruptive Aerospace team poked the established Aerospace Industry in the eye by selling their phenomenal Ascentaâ„¢ project (re-named Aquila) to Facebook for an undisclosed sum estimated at circa. $20 Million. They are now actively fundraising for their next, more ground-breaking project, aiming for nothing less than a revolution in humanitarian aid delivery that will save an unprecedented amount of lives.

Proudly British, Windhorse Aerospace are based in Wells, Somerset and have use of patented technology with global reach that’s already at the TRL4 stage (the same stage Ascenta™ was sold at) with the aim of revolutionising UAVs delivery systems for humanitarian or military purposes.

Traditionally when supplies are needed, an airborne parachute delivery system makes heavyweight pallet drops from aeroplanes. This is a calculated gamble to get supplies on the ground accurately without plundering or landing in inaccessible areas. As with every gamble, this system has multiple win/lose scenarios. In other circumstances, like Aleppo, this was considered an option, but as it would put the aircraft and the crew in immediate danger by flying within targetable range of hostile fire it was considered an unacceptable risk.

Now, with Windhorse’s POUNCERâ„¢ technology (unique, disposable UAVs) they can, from up to 30Km away, deliver aid to less than 10 metres of a designated landing point! Delivering whatever is acutely needed, from revolutionary food tech, to medicine or water, the payload for this sub £500 UAV can be sent from the back of an aircraft or launched with a catapult as a first responder to a multitude of emergency situations. When lives are in the balance, every percentage increase in successful deployment counts exponentially; the POUNCERâ„¢ literally delivers the best option for success and, in so doing, saving more lives.

Not only is each UAV capable of delivering a meaningful payload (potentially keeping a number of people sustained for several days), it is a world first in build technology – deconstruct the aircraft, use the wood for a fire to boil water and add the other extruded food structures to boil and eat. It is also ground breaking as it is the first UAV to be designed for a one way journey only.

With tragedies on the rise worldwide, putting POUNCERâ„¢ technology into the field will immediately make a difference. Pinpoint GPS targeted, regional and emergency specific payloads, accurately deployed from non-hostile areas to immediately supply endangered lives with exacting requirements.


Windhorse Aerospace from Windhorse Aerospace on Vimeo.


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