Windhorse Events 2017 (so far!)

Windhorse Events Blog - H1 2017

Following some incredible press coverage during late 2016, early 2017, we had many requests to attend various events to speak or present Pouncer to their respective guests. Bearing in mind our focus for the year, our message and our budget, we could not make them all but selected three for the first half of the year to help to spread the Windhorse/Pouncer message and also engage with people who may be able to help us in our quest to have Pouncers in the air and saving lives in 2018.

While the Vehicle and Food Technology crews were busy with respective priorities - First Flights and Cargo, Windhorse itself needed to continue to re-enforce our message globally while waiting flight trial results from Phillip and his team.

We agreed there was no better way to gain direct feedback than to be able to discuss our project with people outside our day-to-day circle and gain insights with objectivity - face to face - good or bad. Fortunately all of these conversations ended with a smile and best wishes so it’s fair to say that Pouncer was well received and prompted lots of discussion and interest in our community and project as a result.

So to close the opening, firstly a big thanks to all who took time to approach ‘The Windhorse Away Crew’ on our travels. Secondly, a big big thanks to all of those we’ve spoken to since and have put us in touch with people, organisations, companies, bodies, forums and communities who will prove invaluable in operational areas in the future.

Events Attended

Thanks for the invitations and great to see so many people using technology, intelligence and ingenuity to benefit others along the way.

The Windhorse Team

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